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Plus sciunt de Beach Tennis Rackets

Tempus: 2022, 11 09, hits: 35

Beach tennis was founded in 2002 and ITF in 2008. It is one of the most popular founding and emerging sports in the world, and it is also an international and professional ball game. It combines the characteristics of sports and organization, and the use of the organization is that the nature of the non-pressure ball in tennis is smaller; as an expansion project of tennis, beach tennis is more maneuverable, as long as you have a little badminton , table tennis or tennis basics, after a few hours of practice, you can easily get started. The project is highly ornamental, entertaining and competitive. It can also fully exercise and is suitable for people of all ages.

Nowadays, the emerging sport of beach tennis is very popular in countries and regions where tennis is well developed in the world. More and more young people will go to the beach and enjoy the happiness brought by this sport in the sun.


1. Component:

The beach shot consists of the main frame,face and handle.

2. Structura:

(1) Main frame: The larger the main frame, the larger the force-receiving area.

(2) Thickness; the thickness is super thick, the greater the elasticity.

(3) Hole: The scientific hole position and size make the racket weight moderate, symmetrical, and easy to control the ball.

(4) Hardness: A moderate degree of softness and hardness makes the elasticity better.

3. Product Features:

(1) Tennis can stay on the racket longer

(2) The tolerance of the shot from the center is small

(3) Accurate ball control

(4) High stability when hitting the ball.

4. Quotidie sustentationem:

(1) Ne reticulo jaciatur in terra.

(II) Noli pila ludere in diebus pluviis.

(3) Locus temperatus. Artus resinae materialis facile sub caliditate deformatur.

(4) Sicca manubrio tempore post sudorem. Ad ansas quaedam corium, optimum est eam regulariter cum sapone purgare.

(5) Lorem reticulo tegumentum impedire potest ne reticulo damni vel senescentis per ictum, inde vitam reticulo extendendo.


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